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Weather in Koh Lanta

The southern part of Thailand is quite close to the equator, so has a very regular temperature range. It only varies by 5 degrees throughout the year, so it is always warm, at around 28 -30 degrees. This is the October to April time of year, when the island is at its ‘coolest’

At this time of year, there is almost guaranteed sun, a warm breeze from the sea, and like many of the islands of Thailand, its the perfect tropical setting. In the evening, the temperatures falls by no more than 5 or 6 degrees, to a very pleasant 23 centigrade

What does change is the humidity and the rainfall. From May to October, it becomes increasingly warmer, with more cloud cover and rain. The monsoon rains at this time of year are very heavy downpours which last for maybe an hour or even less. During this period the seagoing ferry service is suspended and vans take the journey from Krabi to Koh Lanta by way of short crossings from the mainland. It not a time to be out at sea, and diving or sailing are not recommended as the waves can become high and rough with the winds.

But all is not lost! In between the rain showers, and these are often later in the day, the sun can appear, and all normal beach activities resume. When the rain does arrive, simply head for a bar, have a drink or two, and return to the beach when it stops. For those who enjoy a good storm it’s one of the most dramatic scenes as lightning dances across the sky and the thunder crashes around the island. Watching a good thunderstorm in Thailand is almost an entertainment in itself – as long as you are in the sanctuary of a beach bar!